Tuesday, October 19, 2010

test anxiety and new games

I am not exited for this chem exam. I feel like I'm having that dream where you show up naked to a test you weren't aware was happening. I may stroll into the room in my boxers just to complete the experience.

What I am exited for is Fable 3, although it does bring up something that's been on my mind for a while.

Peter Molyneux is soooo good at lying. WTF?!?! The past two games in the series have turned out to be fairly disappointing for me and it wasn't because of any fault with the games. No, it was simply because of the hype that surrounded them and Peter's devilish silver tongue. When I finally got the game it just wasn't what I wanted. Eventually on subsequent play-throughs I found many things that I liked about the games.

I'm just worried about the initial disappointment which is almost certain due to what I've built this game up to be in my head.

anyways, heres a pretty sweet video for the game.

Monday, October 18, 2010


yesterday while walking barefoot through a river the idea came up of playing a hardcore run of Diablo 2 again.

This makes me nostalgic for my childhood. me and a group of friends spent about five years extracting every single possible experience from that game until we finally realized we had done everything there was to do and moved on to other games.

hell yes were actually doing this. bring on the stat porn.


a video of Hatsumi Masaaki one of the scariest men in the world and my hero

Cthullu is coming for ya.

Fibonacci in Lateralus

this video shows how the fibinacci sequence was used in Lateralus by Tool.

amazing song btw


a little about me

I just started this blog and thought I would give you an idea about what I'm like. I'm 21 in college. I spend most of my time playing games, studying or working out. I recently started getting into Super Smash Bros Melee with a friend of mine. He's pretty damn good I'm... not. But I'm steadily gaining skill at the game. I'm into a lot of music and I'll try to post some of my favorites here from time to time. You can also expect a few incoherent rants about what ever I happen to be pissed off about at the time.